The power is YOU – Saskia Harkema/ Noorzia Afridi

Verschijning: 5 maart 2024

ISBN: 9789492939357. ISBN e-book: 9789083415802.

Verkoopprijs boek: 24,95 euro. Verkoopprijs e-book: 10,99 euro.

There are many books on empowerment. This book ‘The power is YOU’ is different. The authors developed an approach to empower yourself, through the real life story of an amazing woman, Noorzia Afridi. Her life reads like an odyssey. It is a life full of hardships, successes, failures, obstacles and achievements. Born and raised in a region governed by the Taliban, where women have no rights whatsoever, her life is a journey of empowerment, endurance and determination to follow her dreams.

Against all odds she took control over her own life and did not shy away from confronting strict and rigid rules and expectations, which were meant to inhibit her in doing what she believes in and she sees as the purpose of her life. She is an acclaimed and recognized human rights defender and activist, who at great personal loss, has fought for her rights and that of other women to participate in society and have the freedom to make choices about the course of their lives. Her story is a universal story, which teaches us many, many lessons how to empower oneself and others. Through her story we have developed a methodology that can serve women across the world to use the exercises and tools to fight for their right to be themselves, not accept to be marginalized or put aside merely because of their gender.

This book is an ode to women who are oppressed and still struggle to find their inner voice and strength to pursue their dreams and mission in life. It is also a guide which can be used by women to empower themselves, embark on an inner journey of self-discovery, and unleash the hidden potential which is often dormant and surpressed. Women are the torchbearers of change – they have always been operating at the fringes of societies. Noorzia’s quest is to contribute to a paradigm shift and initiate a movement in which women reclaim their right to be treated equally as men, follow their dreams and participate fully in communities and societies. This book is a testimony of her odyssey and a practical guide. Noorzia Afridi is giving us her life lessons, to teach us how we can become the hero in our own life journey.