Sacred Pledge – Catharina Beijer

Verschijning: 22 januari 2024

ISBN: 9789083331188. ISBN e-book: 9789083331195.

Verkoopprijs: 24,95 euro. E-book: 10,99 euro.


Sacred Pledge is an inspiring  and creative workbook about strength, meaning and connection. You are invited to unfold your potential in a way that serves you and the world around you.

The book starts with an inner journey and questions you about your roots, dreams and obstacles that stand in the way of your dreams. It leads you to your deepest desires to the path of the heart where you learn about building your inner-strengths and compassion. From there transformation takes place to a greater wisdom.

The paths described in this workbook intend to be  a roadmap in finding your own unique path. It contains many practical exercises and insights from psychology, Buddhism and yoga teachings about responsibility, influence, acceptance and keeping balance.

The message is that we as humans are far more capable of creating positivity in our lives if we are connected to  our hearts and what surrounds us. From there we can make more conscious choices that  serve future generations. Unfolding your potential means aligning yourself with who you really are.

About the author

Catharina (Carin) Beijer is a psychologist and trainer. She has worked extensively internationally, teaching and training people from the Arab world, Africa and Asia. The common theme in her work is empowerment. She is currently affiliated with Impactleaders international as empowerment leader, and works for a local Ngo (New Dutch Connection) in her hometown that inspires Newcomers to live their dreams. In addition to being a psychologist, she is also a medical anthropologist and yoga practitioner. This book is the reflection of her own path in her work and life. In her daily work she combines both Western and non-Western insights and practices.