Brain-based Leadership

Brain-based Leadership – Guido de Valk
Managing people by managing the brain

Leading people implies leading the brain. Brain-based leadership is a down to earth form of leadership, based on knowledge of the brain. In this book, managers learn to provide straightforward, practical people-oriented leadership. People-oriented also means putting people’s development first. The brain is neuroplastic. In other words, it has the ability to adapt to the impulses it receives: what you pay attention to grows.

This simple premise turns the entire leadership landscape upside down. Managers will learn that they should pay attention to completely different things than they have up to now: growth instead of correction, action instead of analysis, inner wisdom instead of emotion, mental vitality instead of materialism, and so on. This book is therefore a must for all managers who realize they need to lead in a different way but do not know how. This book provides an answer to the question of how you can easily manage people.

About the author:
Guido de Valk began his career as a general practitioner before making the transition to management in healthcare and government, where he worked for more than ten years. He saw that, when managing people, managers fail to keep their personal development in mind. This results in a lot of suffering in the workplace. Yet proper management does not have to be complicated, provided you use the right tools. He decided to make it his mission to promote leadership change. He teaches managers to manage people in a development-oriented way.

For this reason, in 2008, Guido founded De Valk Leadership Company. De Valk Leadership provides leadership training based on knowledge of the brain. Guido and his team provide daily training to managers and professionals. In these training sessions, participants learn to manage the brain. Guido is firmly convinced that leading people is leading the brain.

Guido is the author of three books on leadership based on knowledge of the brain. The last of which, Brain-based leadership, is the first to be published in English.

Book Brain-based Leadership:
ISBN: 9789492939326
Price: € 23,95 (inclusive tax)
Size: 160 pages
Available in February 2020
Format: 15×23 cm

Ebook Brain-based Leadership:
ISBN: unknown
Price: € 9,99 (inclusive tax)
Available in February 2020