Entrepreneur in 100 days

Entrepreneur in 100 Days – Thomas Blekman
It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle

Creating a new revenue model, one that suits you, and achieving turnover within 100 days. It sounds almost too good to be true. After ten years of experimenting and guiding over 450 entrepreneurs, Thomas Blekman discovered it: a step-by-step plan to become a successful entrepreneur. With this book, Thomas will help you achieve your first turnover.

In Entrepreneur in 100 Days Thomas shows you how to validate and to start your business with a limited risk and the greatest possible chance of success. A careful start is crucial for the success of your business. Thomas starts with your knowledge, experience and passion. He validates using the five principles of Effectuation (Bird in the Hand, Affordable Loss, Quilting, Lemons and Pilot in the Plane). He also uses familiar models such as Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup.

Also, beyond the startup phase or during a project in an existing organization, knowing yourself and continuously re-evaluating whether your company and your work still suit you, will always be important, as is maintaining a good work-life balance. Thomas also emphasizes the role of collaborative partners in the growth of your company. He combines familiar models into clear steps. This also means that you especially need to get to work with this book, roll up your sleeves and put in the hours. A characteristic of successful entrepreneurs.

So, get to work and carefully go through the steps in this book. Let yourself be inspired by the entrepreneurs cited in the book and those you meet along the way. This DIY book includes interviews with a number of inspiring entrepreneurs. With Entrepreneur in 100 Days, anyone who really wants can make a promising start towards becoming an entrepreneur.

About the author:
Thomas Blekman is an entrepreneur and a clinical professor at the RSM Erasmus University. Everything he does, is about unlocking entrepreneurial behavior. After his bestseller Corporate Effectuation, which introduced the philosophy of Effectuation to managers and professionals in the Netherlands, willing to learn from other entrepreneurs. In his new book Entrepreneur in 100 Days, he shares his method for creating a new revenue model and achieving actual turnover in just 100 days.

The design on the cover and the illustrations are the work of artist, Selwyn Senatori.

Book Entrepreneur in 100 days:

ISBN: 9789492221391
Price: € 22,95 (inclusive tax)
Size: 168 pages
Format: 15×23 cm
Available in January 2017
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Ebook Entrepreneur in 1oo days:
ISBN: 9789492221476
Price: € 9,99 (inclusive tax)
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Available in January 2017

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